Sunday 20 January 2013

Garden surprise

Yesterday I was doing some repair work with my neighbour on the track leading to our houses. Having nearly emptied the trailer of its load of stone I headed back to the house to get a broom to sweep the remainder of the load out of the trailer.

I took a shortcut over the fence at the bottom of the garden and across the lawn. As I got to the farside of the lawn I spooked a Woodcock that was sheltering by a small stone wall next to the pond.

I have seen Woodcock here before but it was the first for this year and another new one for the Patch List.

Once we had finished the work on the track we had a quick coffee break and while we were chatting a Kestrel flew across the fields to the side of the track giving me another new species for the Patch List.

So for a week that seems to have been mainly devoid of birds around the house adding five new species to the Patch List has been a good achievement.

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