Sunday 29 September 2013

Yellow-browed Warbler

Well Barrie has done it again and found another Autumn migrant species on Burray.

I got a call from him yesterday lunchtime to say that he had found a Yellow-browed Warbler in a garden near to Churchill Barrier No 4.

As this would be a new life list bird for me I popped down to take a look.

On approach to the garden where he had found it I spotted that the people next door were out in their garden pruning their trees. This didn't bode well for my chances of seeing the warbler and despite looking for around 20 minutes including the surrounding gardens I wasn't able to locate it.

So yet again I had missed another life list bird that was almost on my doorstep.

Still not all was lost as later that afternoon I headed over to Deerness and guess what I saw. You can find out here:


  1. Barrie certainly has a good hit rate Dave. That Bonelli's was an excellent find!

  2. The benefits of only working part time, he has plenty of time to get out and wander around his patch unlike some of us that only have weekends and even that gets used up by other things pretty quickly.