Sunday 17 February 2013

Spring is coming

First of all a bit of a catch up on the Patchwork Challenge. Since my last post I added Hen Harrier to my patch list on the 31 Jan to give me 38 species at the end of the first month of the challenge.

On the 9 Feb I added Fieldfare to my list after one landed on the power cables over Bailey's Paddock.

Today, 17 Feb, saw the first signs of Spring when a Skylark was heard and seen over the field just to the North of the estate. Soon after a flock of about 20 Twite flew over the estate heading North. So without really trying another two species were added to the patch list. This now gives me 41 species and 49 points.

On the garden front it has been very quiet with only a Blackbird last week and a Blackbird, Greenfinch, eight Starlings and a couple of Rock Doves the week before. Hopefully with Spring approaching it will soon be time for the garden to start getting a bit busier.