Monday 3 June 2013

Nest update

The Blackbird nest saw the five chicks fledge on Friday (31 May). Four had already gone when I checked the nest at 09:00 and the last one had gone by the time I rechecked the nest at 16:00. They could be heard calling from the undergrowth on the bank the nest was in.
Last Blackbird chick on nest prior to fledging
This morning I popped out as usual first thing to top up the bird feeders and when I returned I found one of the ringed chicks sitting on the work top in the kitchen!!

Last Friday (31 May) also saw the first chick on the Ostercatcher nest with a second egg starting to hatch. The third egg was still intact. By Saturday morning (1 June) the second egg was still hatching and now the third egg had started as well. The first chick was still sitting on the nest. A check of the nest late on Saturday evening and there was one chick left the other two had gone, hopefully into the nearby cover. A final check of the nest on Sunday morning and the last chick had also gone. Just in time too as the field has now been ploughed and grass seed sown.
First Oystercatcher chick with the second egg starting to hatch
The young Starlings are now starting to gather in ever increasing numbers, this morning there were 43 in the garden!!

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