Sunday 16 February 2014

All quiet on the Wet Front

With all the wet weather over the past few weeks it hasn't been the best weather for getting out birding and news of what's been about has been pretty quiet too.

We are already halfway through the second month of 2014 so hopefully things will start picking up soon as the weather, hopefully, improves!!

The garden has been very quiet since the beginning of the year, all the House Sparrows and Greenfinches seem to have disappeared for the time being. Even Starling numbers have been down. However, my pair of resident Blackbirds have been seen almost daily and at least once a week I have been seeing a Wren flitting around the garden.

The first signs of Spring have started to appear as I have noticed a few shoots starting to appear in the banking leading up to the house. I have also started hearing Oystercatchers 'chattering' away in the surrounding fields. Fulmars have also been starting to appear on the cliff ledges on the Northside of Echna Bay.

A link to this blog has appeared on the Burray Community Association web page and yesterday's stats showed a spike in viewings so welcome to all the new visitors to my blog.

I'm slowly pulling together the list of all bird species seen on Burray so if you find any species that you have seen on Burray not on the list please let me know.

That's about all for now so I'll finish by asking that if you see anything interesting around the island please let me know by using the message form.

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