Sunday 25 January 2015

The Rail returns

This weekend was the RSPB Great British Birdwatch. Yesterday had been fairly quiet in the garden so in any given hour slot there would only have been a handful of Blackbirds, a couple of handfuls of Starlings and may be a few Greenfinches.

Today didn't fair much better with the only addition being a Robin in the afternoon.

However, whilst waiting for Stan this morning I was once again stood in my sun porch when from under one of the Fuchsia bushes on the edge of the lawn out walked the Water Rail. Unless there is more than one hanging around the garden I haven't seen this bird since the last time Stan called round on the 4 Jan. Maybe I should get him to visit more often!! So it was good to know that it was still about.

This afternoon Barrie popped round while he was out and about and we had a quick walk round the garden when I spooked the Rail from one corner. It promptly ran up the fence line behind some bushes and disappeared into the undergrowth. Unfortunately it was too quick for Barrie to see it.

The wind is due to pick up again at the start of the week and there is  series of cold fronts moving in mid-week. The Met Office has already issued a yellow warning for snow from 3pm Wednesday through to midnight Thursday so it will be interesting to see what turns up looking for food as the temperature drops.

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