Tuesday 2 January 2018

2 Jan 18 - Last day of Xmas Hols

Today was my last day of the Christmas break and it started off calm with an almost full moon setting behind the hill to the West.

As it started to get light the female Blackbird was spotted feeding on the lawn rather than in the area where I put food down. Apart from that it was a very quiet day in the garden with just the Robin and a male Pheasant.

There were a few more Common Gulls in the fields between the cottage and the road and a single Raven flying over my paddock.

A quick look through the scope out on to Echnaloch Bay produced a count of 40+ Fulmars on the cliffs on the North side of the bay and a couple of Great Black-backed Gulls on the water.

By lunch time the wind had got up and the rain had arrived, notification that Storm Eleanor is on her way although she is not predicted to hit Orkney.

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