Sunday 21 January 2018

Intruder or Mate?

Today started off cold but calm. There had been a fairly heavy over night frost and the pond was completed frozen over.

There was quite a nice sunrise this morning but it didn't take long for the cloud to start moving in and by mid-morning the wind started to pick up.

 As soon as it was light Mrs Blackbird and an un-ringed Robin were busy feeding and shortly after half a dozen House Sparrows put in an appearance along with a mixed flock of about 20 Rock/Feral Doves. There were also half a dozen Starlings briefly before they headed out into the fields. I'm assuming the Robin is the one that has been in the garden for a while now but cona't be 100% sure.

Late morning an a male Blackbird appeared in the garden. It has been quite a few weeks since there has been a male in the garden, the female has had it all to herself until now. Although she followed him around the garden she didn't chase him off. So I'm wondering if he is going to be a potential mate rather than a intruder. The male was ringed so he could be from one of last year's or the year before broods. If he sticks around I will have to see if I can catch him and check the ring number out.

By early afternoon he had disappeared but Mrs Blackbird continued to feed in the increasing wind which was up to Force 6 by the time it got dark. The Robin was still about too and was joined by a Wren, both of whom were flitting through the rocks and long grass trying to keep out of the wind.

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